About our Mini-Grants

The purpose of Mini-Grants is to motivate students to learn and to increase the depth and breadth of the curriculum beyond that which is (a) provided by the state instructional materials or (b) able to be funded by state or county budgets. While scholarships benefit students who have completed their elementary and secondary schooling to pursue post-secondary schooling at a community college, college, university, or trade school, mini-grants are important because they benefit district students during the 13 years in which they are receiving services from the district.

Many of the donations to the Foundation are earmarked for scholarships. The Foundation urges future donors to consider naming Mini-Grants as the focus of their funds. While the minimum donation to create a named scholarship is $13,333, any level of donation can be contributed to the Mini-Grant fund. All donations to the Foundation which increase the endowment, whether they
are for scholarships or Mini-Grants, are matched by Steve Mihaylo at 25%

Mini-Grants funded this year:

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